Stable Equipment


logo-duraeumat Ventilation systems, Sash, fans, self-catching grille, deck boxes, fencing, horse stalls
Self-trapping grid, cubicles, enclosures, racks
Logo_suevia Watering places, scratch brushes, manure removal systems
Logo_la_buvette Watering places and accessory
Logo_agritech Silos and fiberglass shelters for calves
Logo_betebe Manure removal systems with chain drive
Logo_betebe Mats for treads, rubber mats for lie areas
Logo_hubertechnik affordable rubber flooring for treads, mats with latex sub mat
Slurry pumps, agitators, barrel car, etc. for the agriculture, construction and industry.
Logo_agrilight Lighting technology
Logo_vostermans Fans, ventilation in the barn
Logo_rosensteiner Hoofcare
Logo_paulwerner Hoofcare
Logo_fanseparator Slurry technology, separation technology

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