Trade representation for agricultural systems equipment

Please be invited to learn more about AGRARWELT BPV online. Our emphases are international consulting and trade of agriculture products and services on milk production.

Our company offers the entire spectrum of modern technology, which is essential for the economical production of milk. We are active in the countries of Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Russia.

To produce milk of high quality partners are needed that share your passion for dairying and livestock.

For over 15 years we deal with animal care and offer our clients experience and innovative ideas to realize their needs in a technical perfect way.

Our goal is to ensure the production of high quality milk and fair work conditions by a  cooperation with leading global companies, combined with expert consultation and local support.

We are flexible, goal-oriented, cooperative and responsible. Please feel free to contact us. We are available for a personal meeting and review of your project at any time.

A correct and consistent pricing policy and a team permanently committed to their customers is the foundation of our company.


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